ISKLD is produced in a beautiful hilly area south of Åbenrå Fjord. The landscape is covered in woods, interspersed with small lakes, streams and open fields.

The water is typical for the region. It has a high content of calcium, a medium minerality and a pleasant, slightly sweet aftertaste.

As a part of the new Nordic cuisine, products from the Iskilde company are featured by several of the world’s best hotels and restaurants. Iskilde was one of just three brands of water served at the renowned Spanish restaurant El Bulli. It was the only brand available at Noma in Copenhagen and is today, one of a few waters served at top restaurants like the AOC and LYST.

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Soft as silk

STILL: The Blue line

Our still waters are bottled directly from the source with no treatment except a physical filtration to keep dolphins and mermaids from accidentally slipping into the bottles.

The bio-bottled are bottled directly on top of the spring, literally.
If you are fascinated by the more metaphysical aspects of water, you will be interested to learn that the pipes we use for bottling the bio-line have no sharp corners and that they are fit directly to the source.

The small filling-plant is manually operated and runs at a dignified speed.
Still water bottled in glass bottles is our signature product tailored for the discerning customer.

It has a unique milky texture due to its high content of calcium and magnesium. The taste has a hint of sweetness, as with other alkalic waters and the mouth feel is soft as silk.

At the source, the water is highly aerated. We think this is the explanation for its unique softness. To recreate the sensation of drinking directly from the source, we saturate the water with oxygen before filling.

Classic Nordic style

SPARKLING: The White Line

Sparkling water and wine are a challenging combination. The acidity in the water changes the way our mouth perceives the taste of the wine. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer to drink still water with good wine, even if they would normally prefer the freshness of a sparkling water.

When we designed our sparkling water, the target was to create a sparkling water which could be served alongside fine wines. To do that, we had to find the minimum level of sparkle which still offered customers a pleasant bite.

The idea of a specific level of CO2 at which the water turned from sour and flat to sparkling and fresh, originated at the Spanish restaurant El Bulli which we had the honor to serve.

Since then our target has been to keep our level of carbonation as close to this point carbonizers will permit.

Our sparkling products have small soft bubbles and are mildly acidic with a pH of 5,6.

The bottles

Our glass-bottles are designed in a classic Nordic style and come in two sizes, 0,33 liter and 0,67 liter.

In addition to our glass range, we currently produce two sizes of bottles made from bioplastic: 0,5 liter and 0,75 liter.

Bioplastic is a mix of ordinary plastic and plant-material. It can be recycled alongside ordinary PET but has a 35% smaller carbon footprint.

The last product in our portfolio is slightly extreme. The 0,33 liter bio-bottle is certified compostable, and made entirely of plant material.  This material is taken from the remnants from agricultural production and is sourced only from annually replanted crops. This bottle is probably state-of-the-art in sustainable packaging for beverages.