Why suddenly ISKLD instead of ISKILDE?

Until 2019 Iskilde was bottled with water from a small artesian spring situated in the hills south of Mossø near Skanderborg.

The water from the Skanderborg-spring was excellent, but the spring was not well suited for commercial use, creating a constant challenge in maintaining our high standards of product quality.

This summer we were offered the opportunity to transfer our operation to another artesian well. The new source taps into the same aquifer as the old one but is positioned in a much more accessible place, and is equipped with a bottling facility placed directly on top.

We immediately accepted and the first products that came out of the new sping were – in all modesty – the best quality we have had for a decade.

To avoid mistakes about the identity of the source, we have modified the brand-name on the bottles from the new source slightly, to ISKLD.

Hopefully the name will remind you of our legacy, even if it is a bit more difficult to pronounce.  Stay posted for a pronunciation guide – soon to be released on our Facebook-site!

ISKLD is the latest product from the Iskilde water company.

With a pH of 7.6 at source, ISKLD is naturally alkalic and has a medium level of dissolved solids. (TDS is 325 mg/liter).
The water has a high content of calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Hence it’s pleasant milky texture with lots of volume.

A simple and drinkable water with an excellent taste.

Products come both still and gently sparkling, and with their discreet elegance they make perfect companions for modern food and wine.

ISKLD products