The Preferred Choice of Food and Wine Connoisseurs Everywhere

From Scandinavian Royal Houses, to  the Four Seasons George V in Paris, to Noma –  one of the best restaurants in the world –  our products have been a welcome companion to stellar gastronomic experiences for years.

Today an increasing number of private customers all over the world are enjoying our products in their private households too.

While our glass-line caters primarily to gastronomes, whether at home or in town, our new bioplastic bottles are designed to serve the needs of customers seeking to enjoy our waters in more relaxed circumstances.

Developed by a culinary dream team, ISKLD is served at premier establishments around the world and enjoyed by a clientele in search of that Nordic artesian magic.

Consistently ranked as one of the best tasting brands in the world, our legacy continues, even as we continuously improve and adapt the products.

ISKLD is not just water, it is a symphony of taste, story and design.

So close your eyes, sip, feel the sensations spread in your mouth, and let the music begin.

I never bought into the whole water thing until I tasted Iskilde.
I knew it was something we had to offer at Amass. It's more than just water.

Matthew OrlandoHead Chef/Owner

Iskilde speaks to the source and has a place on every epicurean table.

Dr. Michael MaschaFounder

Martin Riese in a watertasting-session with a journalist, LACMA 2017

Gold in the medium minerality category

An analysis conducted by the British company Aqua Amore in 2010 found ISKLD to be the best companion to wine, out of a dozen products tested, and at the International Fine Water tasting competition in Guanzhou in 2016, ISKLD won gold in the medium minerality category.

Martin Riese, GM at the Patina restaurant in Los Angeles and one of the worlds leading watersommeliers, has written the following note on the taste of ISKLD:

ISKLD is one of my favorite waters.

The smooth taste, with a refreshing, almost sweet mouthfeel and a slight aftertaste of earth makes ISKLD an incredibly balanced water.

ISKLDs taste is superior and easily recognizable, but ISKLD is a visual water too.. The thousands of tiny oxygen bubbles which appear in your glass and bottle when pouring iskilde is an eyecatcher for everyone.